AWS to build data centres in Jakarta and expands AWS Outposts to seven new regions

Jakarta, Indonesia

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is set to build data centre facilities in Jakarta, Indonesia by or before the year 2022, according to officials.

Jakarta will welcome three AWS Availability Zones that will include a number of data centres, according to a report by the Jakarta Post, which stated that this information came from the Industry Ministry.

When AWS announced the opening of the AWS Asia Pacific Hong Kong Region back in April 2019, the firm revealed its future plans for 12 more Availability Zones and four more AWS Regions in Bahrain, Cape Town, Jakarta, and Milan.

Each AWS Availability Zone is isolated, but the Availability Zones in a Region are connected through low-latency links.

AWS also revealed that its AWS Outposts can now be shipped and installed in three new countries: Canada, Bahrain, and Singapore. It is also available in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools to virtually any customer datacentre, colocation space, or on-premises facility for a consistent hybrid experience, according to the company.

The seven new regions include Canada, London, Paris, Stockholm, Bahrain, Hong Kong and Singapore.


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“AWS Outposts is ideal for workloads that need low latency access to on-premises applications or systems, local data processing, or for local data storage needs,” said AWS in a written statement.

“With the new regional expansion, customers can connect to the region closest to their data centres and on-premises facilities. They can now deploy Outposts to support their on-premises use cases in additional country locations.”

Also in April 2019, Amazon Web Services officially announced that it is launching a new cloud region in Indonesia.

The AWS Cloud infrastructure is built around AWS Regions and Availability Zones. An AWS Region is a physical location in the world where we have multiple Availability Zones.

Availability Zones consist of one or more discrete data centres, each with redundant power, networking, and connectivity, housed in separate facilities.

AWS serves over a million active customers in more than 190 countries.

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