AWS selected by IHS Markit as cloud infrastructure provider

AWS in focus

The company is moving the majority of its data processing infrastructure, corporate platforms and end-user applications and services out of its data centres to AWS.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that IHS Markit Ltd. (NYSE: INFO) has selected AWS as its preferred cloud infrastructure provider.

Under the new agreement, the company will migrate hundreds of additional applications over the next three years.

IHS Markit is set to leverage the breadth and depth of AWS services, including machine learning, analytics, database, containers, serverless, storage, and security to drive innovation and deliver new solutions to its customers.

“IHS Markit helps our customers across a variety of industries – across transportation, financial services, and energy and natural resources – to address strategic and operational challenges,” said Yaacov Mutnikas, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Scientist, IHS Markit.  

“Providing a comprehensive cloud based storage and processing platform across our vast range of data is an important next step in our digital transformation journey.

“Through the collaboration with AWS, we will be able to analyze global data faster, giving companies an integrated view into the global economy and sectors, and provide the next generation of innovative, customer-focused solutions.”

IHS Markit has developed and run several of its products on AWS, for the last several years.

“With the rapid increase in the velocity and volume of data delivery requirements, it is important that our infrastructure provides scalability and resilience with a standardized security posture,” added Chad Moss, Chief Information Officer at IHS Markit.

“Data security, integrity, and confidentiality across different jurisdictions are at the forefront of everything we do, and we will work with AWS to continue to deliver timely insights to clients in every corner of the world.”

The company is also leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS, enabling IHS Markit to use the same VMware technologies to manage their on-premises data centre environments and their AWS infrastructure.

“Across industries and around the globe, leading organizations rely on IHS Markit’s analysis and expertise to help them make decisions around improving efficiency, outpacing competitors, and driving growth,” said Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS.

“The breadth and depth of AWS’s portfolio, including our machine learning and analytics services, will enable IHS Markit to gain greater insights from data and expand their global reach by serving more clients worldwide.

“We look forward to helping IHS Markit on their digital transformation journey in the cloud as they innovate new services to further their industry leadership.”