AWS launches Snowcone in latest move towards $29bn edge computing market

Device fits in backpacks or messenger bag, standard mailbox, or any type of vehicle, and is light enough to be carried by drone.

AWS has launched Snowcone, a small portable rugged edge computing and data transfer device in its latest bid to speed up data processing closer to the source.

The new gadget comes as the latest edge computing market projections estimate a global value of USD$28.84 billion by 2025 up from $1.47 billion in 2018. This represents a CAGR of 54.0%, according to Grand View Research.

AWS Snowcone is the smallest member of the AWS Snow Family of devices, built to enable users to collect data, process it locally, and move it to AWS either offline (by shipping the device to AWS) or online (by using AWS DataSync to send the data to AWS over the network).


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The device has been built to withstand harsh conditions and has been designed for a variety of use cases in environments outside of the traditional data centre that lack consistent network connectivity and/or require portability, including healthcare, industrial IoT, drones, tactical edge computing, content distribution, data migration, video content creation, and transportation.

Bill Vass, VP of Storage, Automation and Management Services, AWS, said: “Thousands of our customers have found AWS Snowball devices to be ideal for collecting data and running applications in remote and harsh environments. Since 2015, customer use of Snowball devices has greatly increased, as has their need for an even smaller device with even greater portability.

“With more applications running at the edge for an expanding range of use cases, like analysing IoT sensor data and machine learning inference, AWS Snowcone makes it easier to collect, store, pre-process, and transfer data from harsh environments with limited space to AWS for more intensive processing.”

AWS Snowcone is being released to the market first in the AWS East (Northern Virginia) and AWS West (Oregon) regions. The cloud company plans to roll out the device to other regions in the near future.

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