Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Astronauts, Superbike drivers and molecular gastronomy: This is Aruba officially opening one of Europe’s largest mega data centres

One hour away from Milan, the power at a hyperscale data centre is hours away from being switched on, with Data Economy bringing you exclusive insights from the site.

Aruba is today officially cutting the ribbon on its 2.2 million sqf data centre campus in the outskirts of Milan, Italy, an event that Data Economy will bring to you live from the site over the next 48h.

Located more specifically in Ponte San Pietro, Bergamo, at full capacity, the site will amount to 90MW of power, and like many other data centre openings, the company has invited hundreds of customers, partners, government authorities and celebrities to the ceremony.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be led by Susanna Santini, Chairman of the Board of Aruba. She will be joined by representatives from the main national and regional authorities, according to the organisers.

Company executives and other industry players will also address the attendees on different industry topics including digital transformation, Industry 4.0, and growing data ecosystem, which by 2025 is expected to generate 163 ZB, driving more business into data centres all over the world.

And speaking of driving, Aruba has also invited not one but four Superbike drivers to attend the event. These include Marco Melandri, Chaz Davies, Michael Ruben Rinaldi and Mike Jones.

Additionally, the company has also searched in space for a speaker, and found Umberto Guidoni, the astronaut from the ESA/ASI, which has taken part in two NASA missions on the Space Shuttle and was the first European to visit the International Space Station.

And if drivers, astronauts of ribbon-cutting ceremonies are not enough for those attending, Aruba has also brought to town a cooking show on molecular gastronomy.


Stefano Cecconi, CEO of Aruba, said: “We are proud to officially present our Global Cloud Data Center, an ambitious project which, despite its size and complexity, we have managed to complete in a short space of time. This is an important milestone for us, and at the same time it represents only the first step in developing all the other major facilities within the campus.

“The two day event is meant to celebrate the achievement of this first goal and present the data centre to the business world and the world of organisations, but also to open the doors of the data centre to the outsiders of this sector and to the local community that has welcomed us with enthusiasm.”

To get an exclusive access to the data centre campus, follow our editor João Marques Lima on Twitter @joao_pmlima for a look at the data centres buildings and the presentations throughout the day.