ASAPP picks Flexential to support its AI initiatives

Flexential is supporting ASAPP, an artificial intelligence research-driven customer, to provide colocation to meet the company’s high-density research computing needs.

ASAPP’s artificial intelligence platform is used by a number of Fortune 500 contact centre agents to improve customer engagement by improving agent productivity.

This is compounded by the fact that the pandemic continues to accelerate ASAPP’s volume of contact centre interactions.

“Flexential met our requirements, from cooling to power configurations to time constraints, so that my team does not require frequent presence in the data centre,” said Sarah McDowell, head of IT at ASAPP.

“Our goal is to provide technology for our researchers and staff that is invisible and Flexential has been instrumental in empowering us to realise that goal. As our research compute requirements continue to grow, we are confident that Flexential can scale quickly.”

Flexential is supporting ASAPP’s research by providing the infrastructure needed to run its supercomputers.

Specifically, Flexential’s Philadelphia-Collegeville data centre meets these high-density requirements and offers ASAPP site support that is in place 24/7 and mitigating downtime.

“Now that AI technology is used more than ever, we are proud to support ASAPP’s business by providing the infrastructure and optimised cost structure they need to operate effectively,” said Patrick Doherty, chief revenue officer at Flexential.

“ASAPP is a prime example of why our Philadelphia-Collegeville data centre is an excellent choice for companies headquartered in New York, offering a secure, cost-effective solution, especially those with a high-density need. Our FlexAnywhere Network gives them the edge in reaching their data, when and how they want.”

Through the collaboration, Flexential’s Philadelphia-Collegeville data centre was able to provide high-density services with space, power, cooling, network speed, and cost-effectiveness all within a small timeframe.

The company also uses the FlexAnywhereNetwork, a combination of an industry-leading 100Gb network backbone and secure, low latency connections to hyperscale cloud providers such as AWS, Google, Oracle and Microsoft Azure.