Aruba unveils 2 million sqf Italian data centre as ‘Brexit shifts the barycenter of the EU’ from the UK

One of the largest data centre campus in Europe has been pre-opened by Aruba in Ponte San Pietro, Bergamo.

Located Northeast of Milan, the site boasts 200,000 sqm and has been built to meet colocation and IT infrastructure management needs in the Italian market and surrounding countries.

Speaking to Data Economy, Stefano Cecconi, CEO, Aruba S.p.A, said: “Brexit has shifted the barycenter of the EU to Milan, Paris and Frankfurt, and as such, Milan is now a strategic city for a data centre to serve both the Italian and foreign markets. For example, we have already sold a significant part of the data center to a few large enterprises coming from the US and UK.

“We already have two data centers in the heart of Italy, so this is a natural expansion of our network. Many of our customers ask us to host their infrastructure in the north, close to Milan, because of the accessible and strategic location.

“Besides the reduced limits in terms of space and resources, we also have the flexibility to combine all of these factors in an eco-sustainable way.

The first data centre in the area is up and running, and more than 4MW of power – of the 90MW planned for the whole campus – have already been sold and are fully operational.

It will be fully up and running in the summer, and will officially open on October 5, 2017.

The services available at the Global Cloud Data Center are aimed at large companies, public administration, IT operators and SMEs, authorities, systems integrators, telecoms companies and any businesses keen to work with the Italian market and expand their customer base.

The Global Cloud Data Center is connected to the main national and international carriers and boasts its own dark fiber infrastructure offering a dual path to the Caldera Business Park in Milan, with virtually unlimited transmission capacity.

To power the site, Aruba uses energy that comes exclusively from certified renewable sources. In the new area, energy will be supplied via multiple connections to external utilities, a hydroelectric plant and a photovoltaic system, both belonging to Aruba. In addition, there will be a geothermal cooling system.

Cecconi said: “Our aim is to become a global hub for colocation and cloud services. At the moment, we have a network that includes western, central and eastern Europe.

“The Global Cloud Data Center is a cross-country technical campus, created for those who look for a data center inside the territory of the European Community to serve European markets, and in particular, the Italian market.

“We are compliant with the highest levels of resilience set by the ANSI/TIA 942-A Rating 4 (formerly Tier 4), and we are also supplied by 100% renewable energy, from sources certified by the European Guarantee of Origin (GO).”

With Italy having been struck by natural disasters in recent year, namely earthquakes, Aruba highlied that the region in which the data centre campus sits has not experience significant natual events that could harm the business.

Lastly, in order to comply with the GDPR – coming into force in 2018 – and for the purposes of data management by a provider in Europe, non-European providers now have the chance to host their data in a data center campus that complies with the regulations in force.

Looking ahead, Cecconi said: “IoT, Big Data and the digital growth of companies will all require more and more computing power, and we are seeing a rise in requests from enterprises who do not want to manage their own infrastructure, instead seeking both colocation and cloud services.

“With the present growth of this trend, it is key to have a data centre campus large enough to allow both us and our customers to grow solidly over the coming years from the same location.”