Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Apple moving into Iowa with data center investment against Microsoft, Google

‘Project Morgan’ is gearing up for formal approvals from local authorities as demand for iCloud and other Apple’s digital services continues to grow.

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) could be hours away from coming out with yet another data centre expansion this time in Iowa, where rival companies Microsoft, Google and Facebook also have facilities operating.

The new project codenamed Project Morgan, which if of the same size as Apple’s other hubs will represent an investment of several hundreds of million Dollars, is expected to be approved this Thursday at an Iowa Economic Development Authority board meeting.

In the meeting’s agenda, released today by the Iowa Economic Development Authority, Apple is set to be subject to a “review of application for investment” in Waukee – the same address of Facebook, Microsoft and Google.

However, stronger evidence the iPhone maker is set to break ground in Waukee has come from local media which has reported the board will consider an “undisclosed amount of incentives” so Apple builds the hub, sources told The Des Moines Register.

Adding to this, the City Council of Waukee has itself posted an agenda for a “special meeting” starting 45 minutes before the Iowa Economic Development Authority meeting.

In the Council’s gathering, the city will hold a public hearing to “consider the approval of a resolution approving and authorising execution of an Agreement for Private Development and a Public Improvement Agreement and Fund by and between the City of Waukee and the Developer of Project Morgan.”

The council explains that ‘Project Morgan’ has been used to withheld the name of the contracting party, otherwise known as the developer, whilst negotiations between ‘Project Morgan’ and the Iowa Economic Development Authority take place.

Data centre operators are known for adoption “Project” names while carrying out negotiations with the necessary parties before coming out in public to announce their investment.

For example, Facebook has nicknamed ‘Project Raven’ its data centre in Nebraska and Amazon is building ‘Project G’ in Dublin.

As for Apple, if Iowa becomes indeed its latest ground for investment, the data centre will be joining a growing global network of sites in the USA, Europe and Asia.