APJ CTO Matthew Oostveen departs Dell EMC

Five years and three months as the Chief Technology Officer across Asia Pacific and Japan at Dell EMC, and Matthew Oostveen announced he will no longer be working for the company.

In a LinkedIn post on Friday, Oostveen revealed that it was his last day as well as adding that he will be moving on to work for a new company in a completely different city – to which he purposely did not reveal exactly where his career path is leading to next.

He described his job at Dell as a once in a life time offer to which he expressed that “if someone offers you a seat on a rocketship, you don’t ask which seat, you just get on”.

“Like many successful join-ventures, VCE was bought out by its founder EMC, who in turn was acquired by Dell in 2016 to create Dell Technologies – it’s been a tremendous experience and I’ve learned much along the way,” said Oostveen in his post that made light of the recent #10yearchallenge that has been clogging up social media.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be offered another seat on a rocketship, so it’s time to buckle-up once more for another ride. I’ll speak to that in the coming weeks.”

He shared a post of the first and last company issued badge he received, making jest of the fact that he had not “aged a bit over the years”, when really his LinkedIn connections were looking at two ID cards with the same picture.

Data Economy contacted Dell EMC regarding Oostveen’s replacement, to which they are yet to reply.

Oostveen’s Chief Technology Officer role meant that he focused on modern data centres covering Asia Pacific and Japan. He also worked with senior stakeholders from governments, customers and partners conveying the business and technical value of Dell Technologies.