Thursday, October 19, 2017

Alliance for Quantum Technologies brings industry, gov’t and academia together to speed development

Research and development program also launched to investigate capacity and security in communications through future quantum networking technologies.

The California Institute of Technology and the AT&T Foundry innovation centre in Palo Alto, California, have come together to form the Alliance for Quantum Technologies (AQT).

Launched to speed quantum technology development and emerging practical applications, the alliance has vowed to involve industry, government, and academia in the works.

The collaboration between the two organisations has also given space to a new research and development program named INQNET (INtelligent Quantum NEtworks and Technologies).

The program will focus on the need for capacity and security in communications through future quantum networking technologies.

AT&T and the California Institute of Technology, through AQT and INQNET, are creating the model for technology development between academic institutions, industry, and national laboratories.

The bodies said that one of the first demonstrations of intelligent and quantum network technologies will be in quantum entanglement distribution and relevant benchmarking and validation studies using commercial fiber provided by AT&T.

Igal Elbaz, vice president, ecosystem and innovation, AT&T, said: “Quantum computing and networking holds the potential to radically transform how we connect as a society. It will make the impossible possible, as the internet once did.

“The AT&T Foundry was founded to advance new products and services through innovation and collaboration. It’s the ideal place for this work as quantum technologies become a rapidly developing field in industrial research.”

Maria Spiropulu, professor of Physics, California Institute of Technology, said: “With quantum technologies and quantum engineering we’re experiencing a revolution in the applied fundamental. It is quite thrilling to accelerate the progress by integrating systems and ongoing R&D and especially by bringing together the experts.

“The spirit of innovation and collaboration at the AT&T Foundry is the culture we hope permeates throughout this endeavour. I expect the catalysis effect on science and technology to be analogous.”