Aligned secures $575 million facility to meet sustainable data centre demand

Andrew Schaap, CEO at Aligned Energy (USA)

Infrastructure technology company Aligned has secured a US$575 million credit facility to allow it to scale in line with customer demand for adaptive and sustainable data centres.

In a release Aligned said the funds come “as the company experiences continuous and consistently strong customer demand for its adaptive infrastructure solutions.”

As part of its USP, Aligned’s proposition is to reduce the energy, water and space needed to operate, its data center solutions. “Combined with our patented cooling technology, we offer businesses a competitive advantage by improving sustainability, reliability and their bottom line,” it said.

“We’re very fortunate to have knowledgeable investors who understand our business, and the increase in Aligned’s secured credit facility reflects their recognition of our strong market position and rising customer demand,” said Aligned CFO Anubhav Raj.

“Armed with additional, patient capital, Aligned will be able to accelerate our short and long-term growth strategies, which extend to both domestic and global expansion opportunities.”

The lenders for the new facility include ING Capital LLC, Shinhan Bank New York Branch and TD Securities and they join existing backers Macquarie Infrastructure Partners, BlueMountain Capital Management and Goldman Sachs Bank USA


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Aligned’s data center portfolio, across which it matches 100% of IT loads with certified renewable energy, includes facilities in Ashburn, Dallas, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City.

“As the business world moves at an even more rapid pace towards digital transformation, now more than ever, hyperscalers and large enterprises are demanding highly dynamic, scalable and future-proof data center solutions,” said Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned.

The issue of sustainable data centres needs no introduction.

As long ago as 2017 it was predicted that, by 2020 data centres will generate almost 4% of global emissions, and by 2025 they will consume 20% of the world’s power.

Since then, calls to green the industry have only intensified – most recent through the controversial BBC show Dirty Streaming – however, progress has been made.

Among recent developments, in April Google unveiled a carbon-intelligent compute platform for sustainable data centres

Emma Fryer, Associate Director at techUK last year told Data Economy that in 2018 the Eureka Project reported on 350 (predominantly small) public sector data centres across Europe and found average PUE to be around 4, utilisation around 20%.  

“Moreover, 40% of servers were over five years old and while providing only 7% of the compute, consumed 66% of the energy,” she added.

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