Thursday, November 23, 2017

Africa’s tech scene is exploding across the whole continent

New info graphic bares all for Africa’s booming tech scene across 42 countries.

As an emerging market, much attention is being drawn into Africa. With a population rapidly growing to 1.3 billion people, the need to connect and accelerate technology consumption grows day by day.

The data centre space is well aware of this we have seen recently large sums of money invested in the continent with operators starting to also talk more openly about building branded facilities in the continent.

As data centres and cloud operators make their entrance into this budging market, a new tech ecosystem is starting to emerge.

A recent info graphic from from GSMA [displayed bellow] shows that Africa is today home to 314 active tech hubs in 93 cities in 42 counties, with South Africa topping the list with the highest density of hubs at 54, followed by Egypt (28), Kenya (27) and Nigeria (23).

Yet, the ration between countries is still poor as 50% of the 314 hubs sit in just five countries namely the four aforementioned and Morocco.

Nevertheless, in accordance to what has been reported before, giants such as Microsoft and Google have already a strong presence in the continent.

According to the GSMA graphic, 49% of the tech hubs have partnerships with non telecom corporations, with Microsoft, Google and Ashoka being the most represented.


GSMA has also released a similar info graphic regarding tech hubs in south and southeast Asia, where these top 287 and where four countries alone account to 55% of the total.