Monday, October 23, 2017

A cloud security provider just (quietly) opened 5 data centres in three global regions

Company plans to launch ten more data centres in Q2 2017 which will cover nearly all regions on Earth.

Web application firewall service provider Cloudbric has launched five internet data centres across Asia, North America and Europe as global cloud security services demand booms.

The data centres are located in New Jersey (US), Hong Kong, Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), and Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

The company said the data centres will help to increase network capacity to maximise services uptime.

In addition, Cloudbric has introduced an all-inclusive, fully-managed WAF service to a range of IT service and solution providers.

Cloudbric’s VP of Product & Technology TJ Jung, said: “From individuals to small or mid-size businesses and enterprises, we are growing our service to reach all parts of the globe by engaging in partnerships with different solutions providers in the IT industry, and Cloudbric is excited to continue in this endeavour.

“Partnering with data centres, for example, means Cloudbric can be deployed on their own infrastructures instead of relying on external networks – making the delivery of Cloudbric’s advanced WAF to their clients a seamless process.”

Cloudbric currently has plans to open ten additional IDCs in Q2, specifically in cities across North America, the Middle East, and South America.