Monday, October 23, 2017

£800m data centre close to Lockerbie given three more years for planning talks (that have been going on for nearly a decade)

Construction works are still to be initiated and by the time the machines take to the state it could have been 12 years since the project was first announced.

A data centre project proposed north of Lockerbie nearly ten years ago has been given a three-year extension to its planning permission for the second time.

Overall site plan for the development north of Lockerbie.

The development in Peelhouses Farm, southern Scotland was originally proposed in 2008 by Internet Villages International and first granted planning permission in principle in 2010, later extended by three years in 2013.

The data centre is projected to sit on a 250-acre piece of land and has been codenamed ALBA 1.

The data centre is part of a larger development plan which is said to cater an investment of around £800m.

Developers said the park would enable the creation of “an international hub for the internet age” and the creation of 1,000 jobs.

The plan is now to build the data centre, a technology park, a horticultural research facility and a visitor centre.

Now, according to the BBC, local councillors have come to an agreement to extend the consent in principle around the site’s planning permission.

A decision is now expected in the next three years with construction works following by if an approval is granted.

The request for the extension regarding the planning permission was submitted by consultancy firm Blackmores D Limited.