5 things to know for April 09: Datacenter.com CEO steps down, Seamster Edge Computing Initiative, SpaceDC deploys Vertiv technology

Here are the five things you need to know this morning, April 09, 2020, from around the world directly to you.

Datacenter.com announces the coming departure of CEO

Datacenter.com has announced that Jochem Steman has decided to step down as Chief Executive Officer and leave the company in the coming months.

Steman, who joined in 2016, played a key role in design and execution since the foundation of Datacenter.com, according to the company. No successor has yet been appointed for Steman.

“It has been a tremendous privilege to serve as the CEO of Datacenter.com,” commented Steman about his time with the company.

“I’ve been with Datacenter.com since the company was founded and I have hugely enjoyed my time at Datacenter.com and found the work extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

“I am incredibly proud of the market position we have secured and maintained in a highly competitive landscape.

“Something which would be next to impossible to achieve without such a talented team working together.”

SpaceDC’s data centre campus

SpaceDC will be deploying Vertiv’s thermal wall technology in their first data centre facility in Jakarta, Indonesia.

It will be the first for Indonesia that SpaceDC will be featuring the cooling technology. This approach uses cool air fed in a horizontal direction from the side of the wall into the data hall.

“As the cloud and edge become more prominent in today’s data centre ecosystem, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is an evolution happening in the data centre,” said John Niemann, vice president of global offerings at Vertiv.

“Creativity and versatility are required to meet the demands of today’s diverse facilities. In this spirit, Vertiv’s thermal wall meets the physical space limitations and energy efficiency requirements of SpaceDC while delivering reliable, facility-wide thermal management.”


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Seamster Edge Computing Initiative

Global edge computing initiative Seamster has launched with support from the end-to-end edge value chain.

Participating in a virtual event, industry leaders representing Accedian, Dell EMC, MobiledgeX, Stratacache, Topio Networks, VMware, and Worldwide Technology (WWT) joined to kick off a discussion about how to fast-track global edge computing and 5G deployments.

The MobiledgeX-founded initiative has started modelling existing edge opportunities, some of which were shared during the launch event.

MobiledgeX CEO Jason Hoffman, who presented the opening remarks at today’s Seamster launch event said, “When you start with the critical question about who the edge is for, you begin to see this massive opportunity from a very different perspective.

Reducing data centre energy costs a top priority

A new poll has revealed that reducing energy costs (46%) and improving energy efficiency (39%) are key priorities for 2020 amongst IT professionals, according to Secure I.T. Environments Ltd.

The poll that was conducted across the two days of the recent Data Centre World event found nearly a third (29%) will be focusing on relocating their data centre(s) over the remainder of 2020.

Chris Wellfair, Projects Director at Secure I.T. Environments, commented, “The data centre is becoming more important to organisations than ever before, as they look at new ways to grow and support staff.

“However, finding the skilled staff to deliver these transformative projects remains a challenge, even though organisations can secure the budgets needed to upgrade.

“Having the key personnel and external partners is critical to the long-term success of any data centre project, so the time required to assemble that team needs to be factored into any transformation project.

“It’s set to be an exciting couple of years as data centres are accommodated across the UK with new technology to serve their businesses.”

Pulse Secure Connect now available on AWS

Pulse Secure has announced that its Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) remote access solution is now available on AWS GovCloud (US) for federal, state and local agencies who require compliant cloud solutions.

This offering enables government agencies to procure, activate and deploy PCS in AWS GovCloud (US) to allow employees, contractors and agency partners to securely access applications and resources.

“Pulse Secure is dedicated to helping organizations provide rapid, reliable and secure access to cloud and data resources. As such, PCS for AWS GovCloud (US) will allow government agencies at all levels to fortify employee safety and public service continuity during this critical time of need,” said Prakash Mana, Chief Portfolio Officer at Pulse Secure.

“In addition to enabling Zero Trust access, ensuring remote productivity, collaboration and responsiveness is a key focus of ours as we help agencies and organizations in all industries mitigate inherent cyber risks during this global health crisis.”

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