Sunday, October 22, 2017

$247bn cloud market drives IaaS provider to open New Jersey data centre

This will be the company’s fifth data centre adding to three in Germany and another one in the US at Switch Supernap Las Vegas.

Channel-focused cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider ProfitBricks has opened a point-of-presence at Anexio’s New Jersey data centre, NJ1.

The company said the decision to establish the new presence was taken due to rapidly increasing demand for services in the East Coast region as the cloud market is predicted to grow to $246.8bn in 2017, from $209.2bn in 2016, according to Gartner.

Analysts also expect the IaaS segment to represent the largest chunk of growth, making ProfitBricks’ decision to open the PoP a viable option.

ProfitBricks provides IaaS cloud infrastructure services for public cloud projects carried out by service providers who are serving clients from enterprise to SMB worldwide.

Service providers can either set up virtual data centres by using the graphical Data Center Designer (DCD) or by utilising the cloud APIs.

The new data center facility in Newark, New Jersey complements the already existing ProfitBricks site in Las Vegas, Nevada, outsourced to Switch Supernap, as well as three Tier-4-type data centres in Germany.

Aaron Garza, vice president of Business Development at ProfitBricks, said: “Cloud infrastructure services in the US and Canada are on the rise and quickly gaining adoption with a projected growth rate of 18% this year, according to Gartner.

“By opening a new data centre space on the East Coast near New York City, we are able to offer a more strategic footprint so customers can freely decide where to store and process their data and partners can expand their existing compute power.”

Also commenting on the opening of the PoP, Achim Weiss, founder and chief technology officer at ProfitBricks, said: “With our completely virtualised data centre technology, software-defined networking, and cloud APIs, we deliver seamless ways of transition into the age of cloud-based digitalization to all of our clients.

“We are fully aware of the importance of a solid ground for migrating workloads into the cloud. Our flexible, scalable, and efficient cloud technology prepares the groundwork for customers and partners striving for sustainable business models adapted to a digital age.

“Our new data centre location means a strong corner post for continuous market growth on the world’s leading cloud market.”