Thursday, October 19, 2017

10 fast North America data centre deals worth $41bn

Millions of sqf, hundreds of MW of power and billions of Dollars. Here’s ten data centre deals that prove the industry is becoming more critical than ever before in the digital economy age.

It is no secret that the data centre space globally is thriving with the increasing demand for digital services.

The expansion of the IoT reach, on both devices and services, the adoption of M2M technologies, the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and all the data that is driven from these major concepts are as much of a challenge as an opportunity.

It is that opportunity that is driving huge amounts of investment worldwide, especially in the US, where in 2016, where M&As accounted for more than $43bn.

According to the Data Center Real Estate Review released by North American Data Centers (NADC), the region counted last year with nearly 2,000,000 sqf of built-out colocation space and 210.8 MW of power. In addition, over 1,000,000 sqf were being built at the end of 2016.

Data Economy runs down ten of the largest data centre investments in North America in 2016 which amount to $41bn in transactions.

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