Monday, October 23, 2017

$1.3bn data centre court war ends with operator accusing university of ‘deliberate sabotage’

Data centre development was projected to occupy a piece-of-land of 43 acres and include a 279 MW power plant.

A two-year court lawsuit has been settled between the University of Delaware and Data Centers LLC after the provider accused the higher education institution of sabotaging its project to build a $1.3bn data centre complex and power plant where the university campus now sits.

The lawsuit has now been dismissed by judge Eric M. Davis of the Delaware Superior Court.

Both parties have been ordered to pay for the court fees and costs, according to Delaware Online.

Data Centers LLC opened the case in February 2015 and has been represented by law firm McCarter & English.

The company was expecting to get $5m to pay for ‘damages’ which it said amounted to $200m .

The provider alleged that the university had avoided community opposition to the data centre development and deliberately sabotaged the project which beforehand was in favour of.

In the lawsuit it reads: “Succinctly, the university repeatedly lied to the public to save the skins of its internal bureaucrats who had signed all the contracts to bring the project to Delaware, but who had failed to anticipate the backlash from local objectors and extremist activists.”

The data centre campus was planned to occupy an area of 43 acres and also include a 279 MW power plant to power the facilities.

The land has since then been turned into the Science Technology and Advanced Research Campus for the University of Delaware.