Industry spotlight

Lenovo’s bid to expand data centre solutions beyond compute and servers

Every data centre provider wants to be number one. However, if you take a quick glance at the industry as a whole, you will see no signs of companies directly competing with each other. Instead, providers maintain their own lane and work towards individual company strategies. Lenovo Data Center Group is one of such companies […]


Edge Watch

AWS and Verizon partner on 5G edge cloud computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Verizon Communications (Verizon) are partnering to bring AWS cloud to mobile and connected devices at the edge of Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network. Verizon will leverage AWS’s new service, AWS Wavelength, to give developers the ability to deploy applications that require ultra-low latency to mobile devices using 5G. “We are […]

Read More | 4 Dec 2019