Industry spotlight

On a data expedition to Antarctica

Technology, no matter where on Earth, has the power to change and improve the lives of those living in the area or simply the ecosystem. From west to east, north to south, humans are achieving the unimaginable every day, including in the South Pole here the first ever green energy powered expedition has taken place. […]


Is there no space for humans?

  Data centres and telcos have turned the page on human-centric environments with the quest for automation peaking in recent ...

The AI data centre of the future

AI, robotics, automation, machine learning.  These are just some of the new trends in the data centre space which have sparked a...

How to do business in China

Many in the West aim to make a breakthrough into China, and that goal is accelerating ever faster as China opens its doors – but...

Edge Watch

SBI Group acquires Etix Everywhere, global edge data centre expansion prioritised

Company’s portfolio could on a first phase jump from eight facilities to 23 sites across Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Tokyo-based SBI Crypto Investment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBI Holdings, has acquired 41% of Etix Group (Etix Everywhere, Etix Labs) in its latest move to develop edge computing infrastructure, especially aimed at financial services. […]

Read More | 15 May 2018