Industry spotlight

Magic of Equinix: On the Edge of a global revolution

Revolutions today are done with digital. Connecting the unconnected. Powering the economy with the cloud. Reducing distances to speed up data transactions. The world is getting smaller and data centres are behind that revolution. Equinix is one of the major forces making that happen through a fierce expansion roadmap which has created the world’s largest data centre company with 200 […]


Saving the Great Barrier Reef

Bevan Slattery, Telco Entrepreneur and Founder of Megaport, Superloop and Cloudscene talks to Data Economy’s João Marques Lima ...

On a data expedition to Antarctica

Technology, no matter where on Earth, has the power to change and improve the lives of those living in the area or simply the ecos...

Edge Watch

Data Economy Frontline. What is Edge Computing?

EdgeConneX is one of the US’ fastest growing edge data centre companies with sites in North America, South America and Europe. Data Economy‘s editor-in-chief, João Marques Lima speaks to Randy Brouckman, CEO at EdgeConneX, on what is edge all about, how has demand for edge data centres changed in recent months, what new requirements does […]

Read More | 26 Sep 2018