Industry spotlight

‘We already follow the Sun,’ Alibaba Cloud’s chief warns competitors

AWS is its biggest competitor in Asia, but for Alibaba Cloud, the market has enough scope for everyone. At least for now. Alibaba Cloud was launched in 2009 in Mainland China and accounts today to more than 47% of the national market share. The giant of the giants has, however, not wanted to miss the […]


On a data expedition to Antarctica

Technology, no matter where on Earth, has the power to change and improve the lives of those living in the area or simply the ecos...

Edge Watch

HPE opens mega edge computing CAPEX season with $4bn investment

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which reported revenues of nearly $29bn for 2017, is betting on artificial intelligence and machine learning to make sense of data in the edge economy. The tech sector is now fighting for the next wave of computing and with the edge computing space growing at pace, HPE’s CEO Antonio Neri unveiled one […]

Read More | 20 Jun 2018