Industry spotlight

‘Be active and never give up’ – From selling shoes to running a $1bn IT empire

Serguei Boulossov was not the typical 10-year-old you would expect. Born in Leningrad (St.Petersburg), Soviet Union, to a family of physicists, from a very young age, he has been hard at work to help out at home and build its own future. From selling shoes to washing windows in skyscrapers, the Russian entrepreneur has become […]


Edge Watch

R&M unveils its EdgeGo Basic micro data centre

Swiss-based cabling systems developer R&M is launching a micro data centre called EdgeGo Basic to be used as a platform to be able to provide infrastructures for edge computing. R&M revealed that with EdgeGo micro data centre, the company is supporting the current trend for creating compact, high-performance data centre infrastructures on the edge of […]

Read More | 17 Apr 2019