Industry spotlight

Rubrik’s fight to protect and restore data across the cloud

The protection and restoration of data across on-premises and cloud is the focal point for cloud data management company Rubrik, and has always been the case, the company revealed. The introduction of Rubrik’s new open source community, called Rubrik Build, is where contributors can create new applications, automation tooling and integrations. Rebecca Fitzhugh, principal technologist, […]


Edge Watch

Section joins kinetic edge alliance to boost developer adoption of edge computing

Section has announced that it will be bringing its developer-led edge computing knowledge to the Kinetic Edge Alliance. The Kinetic Edge Alliance brings together nearly two dozen industry leaders, including both deployment and technical partners, with the goal of fostering the wide-scale deployment of edge computing. Cole Crawford, CEO, Vapor IO mentioned that in order […]

Read More | 10 Jul 2019