Industry spotlight

Singapore. The new epicentre of the data centre world?

In a small Asian country, a global power is emerging. Singaporean businesses, wealth funds and investment firms are beginning to heavily invest into new data centre ventures across the globe by the billions of Dollars. With the rise of the Edge age, these investments could prove the differentiators between those who will thrive, and those who […]


Edge Watch

‘Cloud wars are an arms race’. Vertiv launches biggest edge computing assault of the year on ‘rapidly changing market’

Mist, Edge, Fog, Cloud. Has the edge economy been demystified? While centralised computing is still a big concern in the sector, companies are now looking at how the dream of an IoT 5G-enabled world can be delivered and most importantly, how it will be business and technologically structured. Different levels of latency and applications data […]

Read More | 17 Apr 2018